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Tarot Card Learning

Tarot  Foundations and Professional Certification

Explore how Tarot works while  improving your knowledge and confidence as a Tarot Card Reader
The Tarot Master Certification is an interactive Tarot experience and a Life Enhancing Experience.
It will help you to become your own Tarot authority. At the end of the course. you would have the option to do a live reading assessment and then become certified.
I've created this course in such a way that with the right guidance and materials, you can fast-track your learning and start feeling confident as a reader.
A module will be taught every week for eight weeks and you can work through them at your own pace, while being able to refer back to past materials easily to review specific cards when needed. You can come back to each card and section as many times as you would like.

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Week 1

Psychic Stones


Tarot Cards

Week 3

Laying The Foundation For Great Tarot Reading

Welcome to the incredible world of the Tarot and this course! The beginning of this new course is quite similar to that of The Fool, it’s a new beginning, brimming with possibilities. This week we’ll delve into the archetype of the Fool and their journey.

You’ll also discover the possibilities and limitations of the Tarot, how to prepare for readings and look after your decks. And of course, there are some great practical exercises to kick things off

Develop Your Connection With The Major Arcana (Part 1)

This week, You’ll start  by learning some tips for reading and interpreting the cards before getting up close and personal on the journey of Tarot reading. You’ll get an introduction to the first eleven cards and do some exercises and practical application with them.

Develop Your Connection With The Major Arcana (Part 2)

Before continuing learning remaining cards of the Major Arcana, we will take a quick stop to examine Tarot reading ethics and how they apply to you and the different Tarot reading scenarios you will encounter. Then it’s back into exploring the last Twelve cards of the major arcana. And, of course they are interesting exercises to do so you learn them inside and out.

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Week 4



Tarot Cards

Week 6

The Blue Suit and Tarot Numerology

This week, we’ll explore the Blue cards suit and delve into our emotions, relationships, and love through the lens of the Tarot and this suit. We’ll also be diving into numerology, and it’s importance in the structure of the Tarot.

The Rainbow and Predictive Tarot

Continuing our exploration of the minor arcana this week with The Rainbow, the suit of creativity, spirituality, and career. We will also discuss predictive Tarot readings and timing within them. Finally, we’ll look at the connection with astrology and the cards.

The Red Suit and Card Reading Techniques

The Reds is the realm of the action, communication, and inspiration. We’ll be covering the colour stories of the Tarot and what the specific colors mean in each card. We’ll also cover deck shuffling techniques that you can practice.

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Week 7

Psychic Stones


Golden Chakra

Week 9

The Grey Suit and Tarot Connections

We conclude our study of the minor arcana with the Greys suit which is the domain of Doubts, Fear and all the unwanted emotions that we have to face on daily basis. We’ll also look at the connections between cards and what that means in your readings so you’ll understand how cards relate to each other.
We also learn about grounding, centering, and protective practices for readings.

The Court Cards and Tarot Ethics 

As the discussion on Tarot cards comes to its final week, we discuss the Court cards. Also what are the ethics that you as a Tarot reader need to know and follow. You will also practice your Tarot Skills by doing peer readings.

Tarot Master Practitioner - Chakras

Students who opt for this certification get to learn about Chakras, What they are, How to identify closed Chakra, How to open and energize them. Self shielding and Conducting a successful session on client is also learnt in this week.

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Week 10

Receiving a Trophy


Tarot Master Practitioner - Colors and Pendulum Dousing.

We conclude our course by studying about Colors and the effects and role it has in everyday life. We also study the fascinating world of Pendulum Dousing and its various applications in Yes/No questions and checking Chakras 

Tarot Master Practitioner - Integration and Certification

As we come to the end of our journey from the eyes of a FOOL to the wisdom of MATURITY , we integrate all of the things we learnt in this 11 Week Journey into one Easy flowing knowledge. Also we take certification SERIOUSLY. We will only certify those who are ready because they have DONE THE WORK. If you choose certification, but need to take more time, then we take more time. 

Image by petr sidorov

Week 12

Tarot master Practitioner - Studio

This week is spend in all kinds of doubt clearance and fine tuning that may be required after handling few real world clients. Planning for future on how to setup tarot Studio will be discussed .

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